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Ladies & Gentlemen, if you have skin care issues or questions, I encourage you to visit !

If you have skin care concerns, skin health issues, or beauty product questions, is the forum to be in.

I have learned so much from this growing community. I found this website through a skin care forum search on a search engine. I have oily skin and well… it wants to breakout, a lot. So, I joined the community January 2010 in panic mode to find answers. In return, the helpful members were helpful more than helpful, and eager with advice to help me find what would be right for my skin. The forum members became quick friends and I always felt welcome to join in conversations. I was even able to help others after I educated myself!

I’m a proud SCT Veteran with over 600 posts to date.

Here is a screenshot of the website below.


Jessica’s Julep Obsessed

Boris&Nicole + Chelsea (2)

Julep colors: Boris & Nicole and Chelsea added on accent nail.

My blog needed some color, so I wanted share with you my new obsession with nail color.

I recently became a Julep Maven (not sure what took me so long). I always been modest with my nail colors. I was always opting for a neutral w/metallic twists however, Julep has opened my eyes to being a color classic with twist!

These is my growing collection:


Names in order:

  1. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil
  2. Mystery Glitter
  3. Chelsea
  4. Sienna
  5. Alfre
  6. Boris & Nicole’
  7. Mischa
  8. Eva

My mother’s loving heart develops mine.


There is a not a day that goes by that I don’t hear, see or feel my mother’s love. Her trials in life have made her a special person. God gave me her, he knew what I would need. I won’t tell you her age but isn’t she just lovely? As I age I am reminded of it ending. My heart aches and I grow emotional at the thought of not having her around. Her around to guide me, to listen, to encourage..all in all, to teach me through life. Oh and she has taught me so much, so much as to love to the fullest and to love our God. God has blessed us even when we don’t sometimes realize it immediately. I strive to be like her, a God loving and fearing woman.

Every time I leave her drive way, I look up to see her standing there with a larger than life smile, sparkle in her eyes and her both hands up to make a heart with her fingers… radiating from her real heart. Priceless, as I take mental pictures of it daily as I drive away. A mother’s love for her children.. I want to know how it feels, someday.

heart with hands


Fall is here and I can see it and feel it. It’s super cool and windy today. I love the changing colors of the leaves. I live in the mountains so to speak and I am surrounded my orange, brown, and greens. . I painted my double doors last weekend and I my finishing touched arrived in the mail yesterday, a fall wreath! I’m also a flag flyer.. my fall is here flag is flying in the wind today.